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Promo 2000

According to their bio Italy's MYSTICAL FULLMOON originally started out in 1994 as MORBID ENTITY, back then still playing a grim form of Death / Black in the old vein. A year later they changed their moniker into MYSTICAL FULLMOON and finally completed their line-up which also lead to a change of direction into a more technical, melodic and atmospheric Black Metal style. The band started to play some national shows (a.o. with GORY BLISTER and MORTUARY DRAPE) and released their debut demo "Through Somber Passages" in June 1997 (which got recorded with the technical supervision of Roberto Cabrini, ex-drummer of BULLDOZER). After some more line-up changes the band hooked up with the new Italian label Alkaid Records in Autumn 1997, who re-released the band's demo on CD with two additional songs. MYSTICAL FULLMOON furthermore appeared on two compilations (a tape compilation called "Black Tears Of Death Vol. III" and on volume 4 of the Italian CD compilation series "Screams From Italy"). Unfortunately several problems with Alkaid Records forced the band to record a new 2-track promo CD in May 1999, which is meant to introduce MYSTICAL FULLMOON to interested record labels and magazines / fanzines. They call their style COSMIC ESOTERIC BLACK METAL, which basically stands for a nicely balanced mixture of grim Black Metal with melodic keyboard elements. The featured songs are between eight and ten minutes long, got fairly well produced, but musically don't really offer anything new to the genre. Well, to remain fair, unlike many other Black Metal bands nowadays MYSTICAL FULLMOON are quite obviously able to handle their instruments properly, it's just that they are still lacking in a good songwriter to convince completely. This is neither catchy enough to appeal to the mainstream Black Metal fans nor grim, aggressive and cold enough to satisfy the needs of the die hard underground legions. They should work on that for sure. Interested companies / magazines can contact them at the following address: MYSTICAL FULLMOON, c/o Carlo Belli, Via G.da Procida 35/a, 20149 Milano, Italy, e-mail:

Frank Stöver

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