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(Putrid Cult)

A one-man Black Metal band from Poland? After some "not very good" experiences, I would have had good reasons to run away as fast as I could. But it wouldn't be fair to judge Cracows NAGUAL just from these bad experiences and fuckin' prejudices. NAGUAL is not one of these wannabe Epic Black Metal projects, who drip of cheesy keyboards laid over thin guitars and badly concealed computer drums. NAGUAL is real. You won't find any keyboards here, the guitars are as thick as the genre allows and the drums are played by a real human, making NAGUAL a one-and-a-half-man band. Bestia, a.k.a. Irek from THY DISEASE and NEOLITH, helped mastermind Nagual on drums and did a quite fine job here with his hyperblasting, yet break oriented and precise playing. The mastermind himself did also do pretty well, making his debut EP "Zgliszcza" a nice Black Metal experience with not too few melodies. The opening title track is a blast speed monster old Norwegian genre heroes won't do better nowadays, but it has some breaks at the right time and even acoustic moments towards the end. The second track 'W Nieznane' comes along even more diversified, making the rage more enjoyable. But wait for the final 'Popiół Marzeń'. A nice acoustic intro leads towards a nearly progressive, breakladen inferno that highlights this EP. Of course NAGUAL is not the re-invention of Black Metal, but they definitely know how to sound the horn. And they will surely find their place in the overstuffed scene, not only due to the characteristic Polish singing. NAGUAL were quite a nice surprise to me, so if you look for a fine new Black Metal band, you might check them out at,, or order at:

Thomas Meyer

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