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The new black is apparently bands with "known members", once an alias could do it, even though an alias seldom lasted very long, as most people creating music, art and such, would like to get a little praise for it. I guess the only one who really managed to keep an alias during his career, was the mighty Quorthon, as it first officially was revealed who was behind BATHORY, when he untimely left this earth, even though it was a public secret who he was. But damn, no matter who is in a band, with a real name, an alias or nothing at all, it won't change the quality of the music, shitty music is shitty music and good music is good music, which takes us onto this release from NAPALM TED, a new Finnish band, who apperantly has taken their name from... do you want to take a wild guess? And perhaps a few musical references as well... indeed, early NAPALM DEATH. "Swallow" offers a good slap in the face of Crossover, back to the good old times when Punk and early Thrash / Speed Metal merged into grinding madness, some ended out as Death Metal and some as Grindcore, and some even more to the point as Hardcore. This is a good mix, downtuned noisy and raw guitar riffs, crushing drumming, good rumbling basslines and a nasty growls and screams. They even take MACABRE's 'McDahmers' and makes it a NAPALM TED tune, of course in the mold of the original, though much more grim and nasty, and the drumming is notched a tad up, is one of Finlands best drummers perhaps hiding behind the kit, it's been a while since he last grinded? NAPALM TED has also done a cover version of TERRORIZER's 'Fear Of Napalm', which also kicks some serious arse, though that track is not included on the version of "Swallow" I am reviewing, though should be on other versions. This release is a good trip down memory lane with some good grinding madness, a good deal of Crossover done in quite a few ways, catchy and raw, nasty and rotten, made for moshing and headbanging. This band might be a little get together, to make some intense music from back when some guys were young, and not that serious a band, though NAPALM TED will might become a force to be reckoned with, in time, as there are some good things going on "Swallow". Check out the bastard behaviour right here:,

Anders Peter Jřrgensen

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