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Split 7"

And here we have a fine split 7" featuring two Finnish bands. NAPALM TED play an effective kind of old school Death / Crust Punk in which you can clearly hear all the instruments and actually realize the guys play well! They experiment a bit, mainly with the vocals (with variable results - they use two vocalists like NASUM used to do), which strengthens the songs' personality. And in spite of their aggressiveness they can be intensely musical, as in the amazing final track, 'Vegagore' (their best in my opinion) that brings to mind the humorous antics of MACABRE. But all the tracks are really intense, well-played and surprisingly good. You're left wanting to hear more, which is always a good sign. They've been labelled Grindcore, and I'm not that much into later Grindcore actually, but I totally love old bands like TERRORIZER and O.L.D. and not so old bands like NASUM and I guess these guys fit beautifully into the kind of stuff I can enjoy and definitely recommend. As for MUSTASUO, they are more what is to be expected of a Crust band. They sing in Finnish, their sound is much dirtier and underproduced, although quite listenable, and they sound a lot more Punk. The first song is screamed rather hysterically, with high-pitched vocals, but then things change because they too use two vocalists. With only three songs on their side this is relatively short an introduction, but the songs are good and you can hear the effort. I don't know whether a lot of Metal people will be that much into this as it is just so very Punk, but it is fast and blunt and it reminds me of those bands I used to enjoy in those vinyl compilations of old such as "Apocalyptic Convulsions" and the likes. Good old times when the different scenes in extreme music were more united, because there was so much less crap. Learn more about these purveyors of musical insanity at:,

Ricardo Campos

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