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Erupted Evil
(From Beyond Productions / Displeased Records)

It's getting more and more obscure with the re-releases these days and I bet not too many people will actually still remember (or have ever heard of) Hollands NECRO SCHIZMA... So, does a CD re-issue of their one and only '89 demo "Erupted Evil" really make sense then? I'm not quite sure. It's always easy to put the term "cult act from the past" on bands that never really made it somewhere and to me NECRO SCHIZMA is definitely one of those bands that somehow were meant to stay underground. Their demo may had a certain charme back in those days when it originally got released (on tape), but listening to it these days (on CD) is kinda weird. Just like many other bands from that period, the musical abilities of NECRO SCHIZMA were rather poor, so in my opinion this demo was definitely released way too early. Just listen to the additional live tracks on this CD - the show on offer here took place only a year after the recordings of "Erupted Evil", but despite its poor sound quality the band's progression is already more than obvious. It doesn't mean that they turned into top notch musicians, it's just that they delivered their own type of material already in a way more convincing manner. Even though they didn't have a bass player in the band their music always sounded extremely heavy. If I nowadays should describe them, I would probably say that NECRO SCHIZMA was kind of a mixture of the doomy ASPHYX combined with the simplicity of HELLHAMMER (their cover of 'Triumph Of Death' almost sounds like a track they wrote on their own) and the rawness of early VENOM. NECRO SCHIZMA mainly was a Doom act (you won't find any fast parts in their songs), but with the overall approach of early Black Metal. So, now it's up to you - if you're still into trading tapes these days or if you simply have a soft spot for bands that have been there when the whole extreme underground movement started out, you may invest some bucks on this CD re-issue. Everyone else should better stay away from it.

Frank Stöver

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