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Death Metal Machine
(Songs For Satan Records)

With the 1000’s of bands out nowadays, to the countless labels, even though there might be 99 bands out of a hundred that suck, there is always one or 2 that deliver the goods and make my head bang or raise my fist in the air or even play air drums. This is not that band I am afraid. From the OBITUARY like vocals to the cheezy Swedish Death Metal sounds of yesterday this didn't floor me much. The music is just lifeless and is just kind of there. This totally didn’t suck, but it wasn’t even close to being average. To me what makes a great song is the riff or the hook of the song. There was no catchy riff that made me stand up or bang my head. I don't expect bands to be original these days, but this band brought nothing good to the table. Now songs for me, to be into them, don’t have to be a million miles an hour. I don’t even care all about production, but the drum sound on this was terrible. This wasn’t a Death Metal machine, more like a another faceless generic Death Metal band in an overcrowded underground already with way too many bands in it already. This band needs to work on writing solid catchy tunes and not generic Death Metal. There was nothing on this that got me exited at all and it was just so lifeless. Info:,

Chris Forbes

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