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Tomb Of The Forgotten - The Complete Demo Recordings
(Century Media Records)

Even though NECROPSY was quite short lived, merely 5 years, as the band existed from 1989 to 1994, we can add 2 more, as an incarnation of the band started out in '87 as ANXIETY, though how much they did write and record, under that moniker, I'm not sure of. The first demo from the band saw the light of day in 1989, and the last release, again a demo, was released back in 1993. Though those 4 years offered 9 releases, the band was quite productive back then, and that is what calls for their legendary status within Death Metal circles, another of the almost forgotten purveyors of Finnish Death Metal darkness, as only that country could deliver in the late 80s and start 90s. And who knows what could have happened, if the band had kept on going back then, a couple of legendary albums is my guess. The band is active again these days, they returned upon shores of man back in 2008, with Janne and Tero Kosenen from the original line-up, more or less, as Tero first entered NECROPSY in 1991, taking over vocal duties from Aku Rytkölä, who joined when the band changed name from ANXIETY to NECROPSY, in the ANXIETY days Janne was both growling and handling the shredding guitar. NECROPSY released their debut full length in 2011 entitled "Bloodwork", it has some traces from the past, though nowhere near the grandeur and soul from back then, when they first roamed, it has always been a hellish task to revive that of old, that should not be. "Bloodwork" is as such a decent album, though not as sinister and eerie as the band was known to be. But this review should be about the release of NECROPSY's full demo and EP heritage, so let's turn to that. All 9, or well, 8 releases are put together on this massive 3 disc recollection of Death Metal, 8 as the "Promo '91" later was released as the "Never To Be Forgotten" 7", so we only get that once. Let's start with my favorite release from the boys, the more than legendary side of their split album with another legendary Finnish Death Metal monster, DEMIGOD from 1992, that was where they peaked in my opinion. The five tracks from that release is close to perfect, eerie and dark Death Metal, breathtaking, spine chilling and so well produced, that the instruments and well written tunes really kick through. The vibe and feel from the split is continued quite well on the following "Promo 1993", displaying a bit more technical approach and more focus on changes of pace, a progression that I quite like, a bit sad this would become their last release, back then, as they had turned into an asskicking path. Which also is showed by the last track 'Anointing The Sick' from the "Monoheads" compilation, again some breathtaking brutal and smashing Death Metal. Another favorite release of mine on here is the "Never To Be Forgotten" EP, as heavy and brutal as the first SUFFOCATION releases, though without the same blistering speed, but with more darkness and mysticism into it. There is of course the odd track here and there, not all tracks are aced, but most of the material is of course demos, and it is quite nice to follow the band throughout their progression, ups and downs, and damn they've made some ups. Good things as the subtle keys used on 'Refusal Of Cross' works really good, the sparse use of keys on the recordings are actually quite fitting. The flute sounding thing on 'Born And Begotten In Sin' not that well, but well, you can't win them all. It is a very nice move of the band and Century Media to release this massive collection of Death Metal history. You that tend to read my reviews, know of my profound joy of such anthologies, and the joy becomes so much more conspicuous when it is a great band, that I don't have a lot of original material with, and a band with some hard to get releases. If you are into Finnish Death Metal, "Tomb Of The Forgotten" is a must have, as it paints the history of great darkness, and for all fans of great Death Metal, this collection is worth its money just for the sake of the music from the DEMIGOD split or the, back then, groundbreaking twist and turns on the "Indigestion" demo! A recollection that sums up some of the best Death Metal riffing, mind blowing leads, thundering rhythm patters, dark and eerie, straight out frightening atmospheres, these tracks have it all. From what they call "proto" Death Metal, nowadays, with thrashy Hardcore vocals, to a reverbed wretched monster of an almost growl, to the most evil growl, to heavy and dark Death Metal with a technical twist, 166 minutes of it all.,,

Anders Peter Jřrgensen

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