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The End Of Christianity
(Sound Riot Records)

I'm so sick and tired of bands like this! Finnish NIGHTSIDE (not to be mixed up with the above reviewed Italian band of the same name) is another superfluous Black Metal outfit who just rehash things that have already been done way too often before. Fast, traditional and totally uninspired stuff combined with melodic keyboards in order to create at least a little bit of "atmosphere". But that's exactly the point. It seems that there's only a handful of bands around these days who really understand how to come up with the right feeling in their songwriting. NIGHTSIDE is certainly not! Everyone is just way too much concerned about a proper production and how to please the mainstream listener. NIGHTSIDE even included a retro Thrash composition ('Demon Metal') for that aspect... And if you look at the individual member pics on the backside of this CD and you will know even more what I'm talking about. There's simply nothing eerie, evil, blasphemous or shocking in them. Everyone is posing in corpsepaint and spikes and almost looks more ridiculous than a fuckin' glam fag! I wonder when we will get to see the first "true Black Metal" people smiling on their nice photo-studio results... fuck! Unfortunately the brilliant coverartwork by Jason Juta was wasted for this. I'd rather go for the 5465677th dirty sounding black and white release (if it at least gets me in the right mood) instead of wasting more time on predictable and boring crap like this. In case you need to know anyway (because you still buy every release or something...), the album features seven songs that got recorded back in 1999 and the five tracks from NIGHTSIDE's 1997 demo (which was slightly better).

Frank Stöver

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