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Sado Goat Ritual Desecration (2010-2017)
(Pagan War Distro Rex)

For a band that's only released one full-length in the band's eight years since forming, it's really fucking nice that tracks from their prior splits are gathered together under one roof... namely "Sado Goat Ritual Desecration (2010 - 2017)". If you've never heard of NOCTURNAL DAMNATION, the best way to describe them is to compare them to the total desecration of everything holy in the darkest dungeons while being chained up and ripped apart by Belial himself. The 'Dungeon Metal' moniker I've tagged to the band is really just that... each and every song sound like they were recorded in a putrid, dank dungeon. Sharing splits with bands such as NIHIL DOMINATION, GOATCHRIST666 and DISFORTERROR to name only a few, NOCTURNAL DAMNATION have raised the bar for the genre. Beginning with 'Gasmask Warmageddon' (taken from the "Proclaimers Of Terrorism And Damnation" split), Bestial Desekrator's howls and throaty growls purge the darkness to let loose what will become a raw, primitive ride. The murky guitars and machine-gun drums wade through the masses with blood-soaked nihilism. 'Anneliese Death Ritual' begins with what sounds like an exorcism before unloading its blasphemous jizz into a throttling, amorphous aural stench. Track 3 (along with the prior track), taken from "Sacrilegious Fornication Masscare" (yes, that's how it's spelled)... Filthy Desekrators" continues the bludgeoning with its doomy beginning until all hell breaks loose with a tumultuous amount of furious guitars and drums. 'Worship The Baphomet' will absolutely crush your skull with its aggressiveness. Goddamn if it doesn't make me break out in a sweat just listening to it. 'Extermination Of The Golgotha' has the exact same effect. The band simply doesn't let up on these tracks taken from "A Damnation Of Tyrant's Necro-Sodomy". The next four songs from "Blasphemous Alliance Of Chaos" are a somewhat rawer mix, which I can't complain about. This is what we all want, right? 'Iron Baphomet's Demoniac Reign', 'Apocalyptic Nuclear War', 'The Almighty Sathanas' and 'Satanic War Metal' don't change things up much. And neither did MOTÖRHEAD or THE RAMONES. Sometimes, with certain bands, you want the same dominant style throughout the band's career. Bands like these don't need to fucking change. This isn't Progressive Metal, you lightweight fucks! The final three tracks are unreleased or alternate mixes. With titles such as 'Sabbat Of Carna Depravity' and 'Tyrannus Diabolus', the filth continues and ends the compilation. Who needs diversity in song structure when you can go into a blind rage while listening to this brutal collection? I sure as hell don't. This is Metal the way we like it, and kick anyone in the balls who can't handle it. For more information, check out,

David Simonton

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