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Cursed Relics
(Kill Yourself Productions)

The band name NOCTURNAL VOMIT alone suggests a cheap BLASPHEMY / PROFANATICA / SARCOFAGO rip off band from Simbabwe that no one needs nowadays BUT (underline this 666 times and write it bold and italic) these Greek guys are old school death metal to the f**king bone! While vocalist Thomas Vomit sounds like the best Martin Van Drunen imitator since Wannes Gubbels, musically there is a bit more happening during the eight tracks of this stunning platter in direct comparison to the Dutch Death Metal gods who however top NOCTURNAL VOMIT in terms of catchiness. Especially the drumming and riffing is quite diverse and reminds me rather of PENTACLE, MORTEM, SADISTIC INTENT than ASPHYX, everything grooves heavily and creates a morbid and macabre atmosphere that is simply irresistible and sometimes reminds me of the underrated “Feeding On Angels” album by SOULBURN which was also extremely sinister. Framed by two instrumentals at the beginning and end, the six minimum five minutes long songs in between totally crush the cenotaph, cunts and create a massive occult aura! A strong mood of darkness and gloom seeps through every pore, every little melody of this album and songs like 'Sacrosanct', 'Cursed Relics Of The Past' (the mid-section with this indicated blastbeat is fantastic!) or 'Herald Of Doom (The Sinister Aeon)' are simply killer examples of real Death Metal! Formed already back in 1999, the band's previous releases are unknown to me but seem to be in a different style than “Cursed Relics” so don't bother to much about them, just get this album asap since it rules hard! Points of criticism are almost zero: only the leads could sound a little less sloppy at times (see the end of 'Unearthing The Foul'), but that is only a minimal detail I do not really care about considering the overall class of this record. Topped off with a warm, analogue sound and fitting cover by Mr Beksinski I can just scream at you in the best Van Drunen tradition “buy or die!”. If NOCTURNAL VOMIT should continue in this fashion and work hard on a follow-up the band could actually become more than just an underground gem, but maybe they like it that way. Anyways, you can order “Cursed Relics” here: Listen to 'Herald Of Doom (The Sinister Aeon)' here:

Stefan Franke

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