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Deus Deceptor
(New Hawen Records)

The first thought that came to my mind when I got NONEXIST's debut "Deus Deceptor" into my hands was: "What a shitty cover!! Is this some fucking Gothic band or what???" But fortunately it is not. NONEXIST is Johan Liiva's (Ex-CARNAGE, Ex-FURBOWL, Ex-ARCH ENEMY) new band and the line-up also consists of Johan Reinholdz (guitars, bass) and the well-known Matte Modin, drummer in DARK FUNERAL and DEFLESHED. What they offer on their new album is sadly just another CARCASS copy ("Heartwork" - period) and comparable to ENFORSAKEN, although the latter are better than NONEXIST. If you try to copy a legendary, innovative band like CARCASS was, you have to prove that you are at least of equal quality or able to top the original, but NONEXIST achieves neither. Liiva's vocals is the only element in NONEXIST that is able to stand up against CARCASS' Jeff Walker, but the music simply lacks of drive, aggression and lyrical creativity, things that made CARCASS so unique and unforgettable. Guitarist Reinholdz' technical perfect and melodic play is good, but not better than what Michael Amott created in '94, to my ears it is much too 'happy' in the solo parts and would have fitted better to a progressive or Power Metal band and his riffs are not as brutal, memorable and intense as CARCASS'. There's one great song ('Faith') on "Deus Deceptor" and three nice instrumentals, but this is by far not enough to make this CD worth buying. I hope this negative review can encourage NONEXIST to improve their song writing and come up with a either more original or harsher and aggressive second album. Until then I can only recommend the new IMPALED CD (an absolutely great CARCASS copy) or of course the original. Nice attempt, guys!!!

Stefan Franke

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