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From My Cold Dead Hands
(Pivotal Rockordings)

Do you remember NONEXIST from Sweden, who released their debut CD "Deus Deceptor" in 2002 via Century Media / New Hawen Records? If you missed this release 10 years ago, here is your 2nd chance. This powerful joint venture is featuring Death Metal veteran Johan Liiva (former CARNAGE, FURBOWL, ARCH ENEMY and today active in HEARSE) on vocals and guitar wizard Johan Reinholdz (ANDROMEDA, SKYFIRE). Unfortunately drum dynamo Matte Modin (former DEFLESHED, DARK FUNERAL) is sadly missing in action this time. Again NONEXIST are satisfying the demands of early ARCH ENEMY fans and beyond that. "From My Cold Dead Hands" is featuring Death Metal in the vein of early ARCH ENEMY (first three albums), CARCASS ("Necroticism" / "Heartwork"), a breeze of progressive EDGE OF SANITY and some blackness, which remembers a bit of UNANIMATED and MERCILESS. On top of all that the music is accompanied by MINISTRY like "political" samples. What makes this album outstanding are the superb composed and performed songs and Johan Liiva's one of a kind voice in Death Metal. On HEARSE's latest release "Single Ticket To Paradise" I felt like he is struggling a bit with his voice and vocal duties. But on "From My Cold Dead Hands" Mr. Liiva is shining bright again. He´s back with a vengeance and showing what he is still able to do with his charismatic voice. Truly. Johan, there's no one else like you. And the other Johan on guitar? As jack of all trades he is delivering the goods. Hope he will get some more attention within the extreme Metal scene for this masterpiece. Because "From My Cold Dead Hands" was written, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Johan Reinholdz himself. Only two points of criticism remain open. Firstly. The drums are sounding very mechanical and I'm not sure if they used a drum machine or just too much triggered drums. Secondly. "From My Cold Dead Hands" will be a download release only. Available on November 02, 2012 via Pivotal Rockordings through all major digital retailers. Which is a bit of a shame in my personal opinion. This is still Heavy Metal and not fucking Justin Bieber or fucking Madonna. Such a masterpiece deserves a proper release on CD and vinyl. Or why not on tape with a simple black and white inlay done with a xerox machine, like in the good old days? Hey, Johan Liiva! Do you remember the term "D.I.Y."? Aren't your roots sticking deep in the early 80s Växjö Hardcore-Punk scene? You should know better, how to spread the seed. Hopefully the "serious" people within the extreme Metal scene will accept such a download only release and pay attention to the excellent music on "From My Cold Dead Hands". There's still a doubt lurking in my mind. Result. Extremely well done guys. Both thumbs up and good luck with your release politics. Anyway. "From My Cold Dead Hands" features 9 original tracks by NONEXIST, plus the following free of charge cover songs: MEGADETH - 'In My Darkest Hour', CORONER - 'Masked Jackal', ATOMIC ROOSTER - 'Death Walks Behind You', MERCILESS - 'Realm Of The Dark' and EUCHARIST - 'Greeting Immortality'. But only available as download! For more information, please visit:,,

Marc Lehmann

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