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(Wicked World / Earache Records)

Argh, when I saw the cover of this promo CD and its title for the first time I immediately went on the internet for information, as I had a big suspicion, which was finally totally right, and was confirmed when I first put the CD in the player. This is nothing but the continuation of that brutal and great band called CENTURIAN, which released a mini CD and two CDs before splitting up, and with some of their members playing in SEVERE TORTURE too. In fact, it was even easier to recognize, as the first track is called 'Choronzonic Chaos Gods', just like the first album of CENTURIAN. So, you know what to expect here, just brutal and dark Death Metal in the vein of old DEICIDE and MORBID ANGEL, straight to the core but with a lot of great riffs and speed, lots of speed, and fast guitar solos too, simply astonishing musicianship. The album is only thirty-three minutes long, but believe me, it is worth a lot of listens. And what can I say about Seth Van Der Loo's work? He's one of the only guys I've heard capable of sounding in a pure Glenn Benton style, fucking brutal and at the same time still vocalizing enough to understand perfectly what he says. A pity he is no more in the band (they are searching for a new singer now). To sum it up, there are not so many differences here from the CENTURIAN stuff, but they have found place for some melodies (not too much, don't fear, and all quite sinister) and we can even find a Black Metal riff on the second track for example. And what is to say about the drumming? This could be a fucking machine if I didn't know that guy was real (in fact, I don't know where he comes from, his name is Bob Dussel), what a blast. So, all in all, just go for it if you missed that awesome band CENTURIAN or even the old DEICIDE / MORBID ANGEL stuff in a more brutal way. Satanic Death Metal!

Jeroni Sancho

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