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The Remnants Of A Chaos

"The Remnants Of A Chaos" is the debut album of an obscure band from the land of the rising sun following a three track demo which saw the light of day in 2011. Guitarist Peath2, who is supported by some helping hands to ban his ideas onto CD, is the mastermind behind this outfit. NOXIOUS belong to the Japanese Doujin scene, a scene which is well known for their arranged music stuff often connected with Manga and Anime series or video games. That's just a rough introduction to tell you that this squad isn't your typical standard outfit. But don't blame me just in case I forgot some details as I am not an expert of that genre. You can read more on the net if you like. What has this to do with our Voices zine you might ask yourselves. Well, the music on this eleven tracker meets all criterias to be featured in our beloved webzine. NOXIOUS plays a furious and refreshing mix of early to mid 90s Swedish Death Metal done the old school way and the melodic Gothenburg style. You really think this one is a lost gem from the past and peak of that genre. Especially the crunchy and crispy guitar sound totally shreds and makes you crave for more. Hm, in case you need a comparison just think of a guitar tone like e.g. DISMEMBER or ENTOMBED ("Clandestine" - era) with the melodic aspects of acts like AT THE GATES, EDGE OF SANITY, early ARCH ENEMY, DARK TRANQUILLITY and similiar hordes - just to give you an idea in what direction the music tends. One is for sure: these Japanese made their homework and learnt their Swedish Dödsmetal lessons carefully. All songs are very well executed and played on an excellent technical level. It's played with passion and the right attitude which is necessary to create an atmosphere to make you headbang right from the start. The songs combine speed, power, melody and virtuosity to an addict making blend. The productions is authentic and old school as fuck. So in case you would like to check out something new without making a compromise in music and style then you can't help adding this album to your collection. For easier purchase try to get it here:

Michael Oelschlegel

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