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(Hells Headbangers Records)

At least once in your lifetime, if you have been a real follower of what's left of the underground Metal bands, you have crossed paths with the name of NUNSLAUGHTER. Probably the name sounded more funny than evil to you... probably you checked out how many releases this band gets... probably just comparable to what SABBAT from Japan has, and I think very few have their whole collection... and probably, like me, you didn't know what number this full length is...I mean I got lost with so many damn releases, being it splits, compilations, best of, and so on and so on, but I suppose this is only their third studio full length... the band was formed in 1987 and very little they have grown over those 20 years, as they stick strictly to a primitive, raw and very satanic form of Death Metal. Comparing them to newer bands is not only impossible, but quite stupid, so I will review this thinking that as most VFTDS readers are old enough or wise enough to now about the early days of death... now, to "Hex", first of all this gets some of the best presentations I have ever seen, being it the CD with a massive (yet quite complex to understand where it starts or ends) booklet, in thick paper, that almost does not fit the CD box, or the vinyl version, and let's not talk about the die hard edition, truly a labor of passion in silver like presentation and printing work... and passion for attacking religion is what these demented Americans do. Musically they are like an unholy marriage of early AUTOPSY, VENOM and JUDAS PRIEST. Add to that evil Thrash / Punk influences and attitude. There you go. At first I thought the production was not exactly that good. But time after time, it started sounding better, and at the end it does fits the music, if maybe the guitar sound (way to bassy and almost leaving out the treble) makes the bass to get lost here and there. They still do their Metal with a very noticeable trademark: very short songs, hardly reaching 2 minutes. So at just mere half hour, this leaves you wanting more. As probably few are insane enough to have heard everything these guys have recorded, at least from what I can remember this is some of their best material ever created, and truly a worthy contender for the Death Metal album of the year.

Julián Núńez

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