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Le Troubadour Nécrophageophile
(Nihilistic Holocaust)

The French outfit OSSUAIRE is a long-time active Death Metal band from Villeneuve-Sur-Lot in the Aquitaine area. But despite the fact that they are around since the year 2000, they haven't yet released that much of their music. One demo, a self-financed album (“Mortes Fables" in 2010) and one song on a compilation resp. 4-way split CD a year later - that's it to date! Now their demo-recording “Le Troubadour Nécrophageophile” from 2005, originally on CD, is available again. This time on good old tape and with an independent label in charge. The songs on “Le Troubadour Nécrophageophile” might be ten years of age now, but they don't sound like old farts. Instead, OSSUAIRE present us somehow old-fashioned, yet timeless Metal of Death, in the French language. Somewhere in between CANNIBAL CORPSE and MORBID ANGEL, OSSUAIRE blend complexity with brutality to create violent and neckbreaking stuff like 'Necrofistum Prima Nocte' or the title track. And this mix is spiced with other fine ingredients as well, like in the intro 'L'eveil Mes Morts', where a graveyard atmosphere meets crunching, grooving riffs. In my personal fave 'Le Fléau', those brutal groove parts in mid tempo send us greetings from BOLT THROWER. To end the tape worthy, 'Trolla Infectum Phallus' bangs some heads in a more complex way. I can only say that “Le Troubadour Nécrophageophile” is a rather overlooked gem of continental European Metal of Death which should receive a little more attention with this re-release. I raise both thumbs and advise lovers of finest Death Metal to keep their open for OSSUAIRE. To do so, visit the band at:, and the responsible label at:

Thomas Meyer

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