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Reign In Terror
(Earthquake Terror Noise Records)

It's quite amazing how many Thrash Metal bands emerged from the Italian underground within the last few years. It seems (extreme) Metal celebrates a new renaissance in this South European country. Another fact which makes it positive is that not only the quantity of bands increases but also the quality. After a demo in 2010 and two self financed EPs (2011 & 2012) this bunch of headbangers from Lombardy has managed to put out their nine track strong debut album. It features some re-recorded old tunes as well as some new smashers. PLAGUE ANGELS' offerings are into a more violent, ferocious and aggressive nature. There's no doubt about it that the Teutonic Thrash Metal from the glorious 80s had quite a big impact on them. Most of the songs are played quite fast (but not chaotic) and even a few short blasts can be heard ('Human Detector'). To add some varity to their style this raging commando incorporates some decent breaks and shift gears up and down to vary the speed. The vocals are aggressive and harsher which I prefer more than just another high pitched screaming kind of singing. Some gang shouts were added in a few songs as well to give the whole thing then a slight Bay Area touch when neccessary. Another fact I like is that the basslines are quite good audible (a nice overall bassy, muffled sound). Of course they don't invent the wheel new and still have to 'fine-tune' a few things but "Reign Of Terror" has its moments and fulfills its purpose of being a cool album to headbang to. With in your face tracks like 'Pain On The Battlefield' or 'Human Detector' these Mantuva based youngsters were able to make at least a solid start.

Michael Oelschlegel

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