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(Satanath Records)

Bored and slightly pissed is what I am after sitting here the second time and fully listen to Australia based Black / Death Psychedelic Noise Metal Band PLASMODIUM. Their first record “Enthneognosis” wants to be something like a deep poetic chaos, lyrically and soundwise. It’s not. I mean when it comes to chaotic Jazz like psychedelic Black Metal, it’s hard to review the riffing or melodies and to come up with something descriptive. It’s the state of mind the record needs to put me in while listening. And I am a huge fan of chaos and Jazz like noise Metal. I love WORMLUST, MARTRÖÐ, TEITANBLOOD and all different styles of violent hypnosis. But PLASMODIUM are so uncreative that I don’t know what to do with this record. It’s simply annoying. Feedback the shit out of my time and burn your fingers on your KORG whatever synthesizers doesn’t offset your lack of inspiration. I feel kinda sorry for the very ambitioned drummer. But here is no idea behind nothing. This is what you do on too much red wine, mushrooms and good equipment with your friend in a long trippy rehearsal night. But personally I would always come back to the day after and listen to what happened here. To realize that we just had a bit too much of everything. It was fun but it’s nothing worth nothing. No baseline, no riff, no bones. I don’t know what else to say then, noisy nonsense. And noise doesn’t necessarily need to be nonsense. If you look at bands like BATALJ, SONNE SATAN or SUTEKH HEXEN. Noise can be used to create an atmosphere. This here is just basically uninspired lame nothing. I guess I just don’t have the access to it but I kinda don’t care. As always check it yourself maybe you’ll find your doom in here.,


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