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Disgusting Blasphemies Against God
(Hells Headbangers Records)

Oh, sweet pitiful Jesus. There's no rest for the holy corpus when these fiends are on a tear. They're out to raise ye up from the earth once more for a final embrace, drink copiously from thine wounds and spite rotten blood and puke back in yer flaccid piehole. Oh, these scornful, Satanic contemptors from upside of Poughkeepsie, mocking the name of the Christ with the gargling and the snarling and the defecating. Impious denouncers! Vile poisoners! Putrid sadists and feculent despoilers! Hail the weird beast that comes in the night and is called PROFANATICA! This is the utter embodiment of Christian sacrilege and blasphemy. Pissing on icons, masturbating on the altar, dressing up as nuns and smashing the stupid priest in his fucking face - they do it all with unique gusto. The sodomy begins with a morbid mid-paced riff accompanied by low pitch-shifted vocal intoning a list of barbarities to be committed against that dirty bastard Nazarene - and you know this is going to kill! You'll feel the gut-crushing bass pulverizingly loud in the mix. Then the droning speed-picked riffs and pummeling onslaught of on-beat pounding begins swirling around inside your skull. You'll feel a dizzying sensation - ritual ingestion of alcohol mixed with human blood only strengthens the effect. You are being consecrated for His arrival. Do you welcome mental demon possession schizophrenia? Get this record and the onset of your illness will be hastened. And if you want fucking unholy Black Death in the unclean style that can only be PROFANATICA, then you have only one course: Come to PROFANATICA! Let them put their disease inside you. Buy the record and let Jesus fuck you! Let Him fuck you!,

Lem Lycurgus

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