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Project: Failing Flesh

Frank was so kind to give me a copy of this CD, asking me to review it (I guess because he knows that I still think that VOIVOD are absolute gods, right Frankie... ? ;-) (how did you find this out so quickly? - Ed.). Anyway, for all those out there where the bandname PROJECT: FAILING FLESH probably won't ring a bell: PROJECT: FAILING FLESH is the new band of former VOIVOD bass player / vocalist Eric Forrest. I've listened to this disc already quite a lot and to be honest I didn't know what to think of it in the very beginning. But the more you listen to it, the more the material starts to grow on you... Atmosphere-wise, I dare to say that this album even reminds me a lot on the VOIVOD opus "Phobos" because of its nihilistic and cold atmosphere. The album kicks off with 'A Beautiful Sickness' which already gives you a clear indication of the band's sound... lots of double-bass and moody keyboards here which suit the song perfectly. 'Planet Dead' is also a really aggressive tune with very surprisingly some Bay Area influences thrown in (Exodus, first Channel Zero album...) which really works. '9mm Movie' is really heavy slow-motion and very doomy. 'Scene Of The Crime' as well as 'Long Silent Voices' are much more industrial sounding and remind a lot on the better tracks of FEAR FACTORY. 'Dementia Pugilistica' is again a very aggressive tune with loads of double-bass while 'Taste Of The Lie' sounds a bit more experimental thanks to some electronic influences. The albums ends with a solid but nevertheless to my opinion not that spectacular version of the VENOM oldie 'Warhead'. The whole sound and approach of this album is pretty modern but nevertheless I do like it a lot. You can also easily hear the VOIVOD influences here and there although I have to stress that PROJECT: FAILING FLESH sound much more aggressive, mainly because of the intense double-bass drumming (although I do have the impression that it's maybe programmed by a computer or a sequencer as it sounds incredibly tight and mechanic). I'm pretty happy that Eric Forrest managed to come up with such a strong output after his departure with VOIVOD. His vocals sound here pretty hateful but they totally fit the record. I think that, as no label is mentioned, this album is a kind of a demo. Nevertheless, sound-wise, it totally beats the shit out of many current releases. Original, inventive and definitely a band to keep your eyes on. If there's any justice, they will be signed by a smart label in no time.

Steven Willems

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