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Back To The Cult
(Dark Recollections Productions)

R´LYEH comes from H. P. Lovecraft's short story "The Call Of Cthulhu" and is Cthulhu's prison as well as a sunken city in the South Pacific. This gives you an idea about the lyrics. Many of you were probably aware of that already. Before this review I didn't know anything about or from this band. It was the soundclip of 'The Art Of The Gore' which reminded of the Mexican CENOTAPH on their debut "The Gloomy Reflections Of Our Hidden Sorrow" that immediately made me want to review this. As you might know, the "The Gloomy Reflections…" is a brutal record that can be considered as an answer to the classic debut albums from DARKTHRONE, DEMIGOD, SENTENCED, CARNAGE and IMMOLATION. "Back To The Cult" is a compilation of the band's two demos "Ancestral Terrors" (1992) and "The Black Island" (1999). "Ancestral Terrors" features 4 tracks and one intro, including the mentioned 'The Art Of The Gore'. A kind of occult and heavy Death Metal with very low grunts and a muddy bass-dominated sound and a touch of Black Metal in the atmosphere. The music is doomy to midfast, without any blastbeats. The quality is decent, but I missed any real catchy hook. It's just immense heavy! Imagine SINOATH's "Forged In Blood" with the heaviness of MOONDARK with the sound of "The Gloomy Reflections…". The second demo "The Black Island" is way more Black Metal oriented. The CENOTAPH comparison can be replaced with TREBLINKA (SWE). Especially for the monstrous vocals. Again 5 tracks with a spelling intro. Very cool is the fourth track 'Diabolic Warning' and in total this is a cool compilation. Worth the reissue and worth your attention. People who enjoyed the reissue of the French CATACOMB should check this out. The band is reformed so maybe this release is a warm up for things to come. In the meantime, check this out and decide for yourself. For more info go to,

Michael Tak

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