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Naxzgul Rising
(Osmose Productions)

A lot of bands live and die in the time of a flash, and so it is the case with RAVAGER: "Naxzgul Rising" will remain their final testimony, as the band unfortunately folded prior to the release of this CD, due to the usual and unconvincing "musical differences". Well I have a soft spot for the underdogs and the losers of this world (made for winners as it is well known, whatever "winners" could mean by the way) and I think RAVAGER achieved a lot musically in the short span of their existence despite the general indifference I suspect their two efforts (check my review of "Storm Of Sin" also) are destined to receive. Indeed when it comes to music (or anything else in that regard) I am always stunned by the lack of curiosity a lot of people manifest. Believe me, the opportunities I had to confirm this statement are countless. Anyway, let's go back to "Naxzgul Rising", just to tell you that this album is a jewel of what I like to call evilized Death Metal. While "Storm Of Sin" reminded me of LIERS IN WAIT because of complex and chaotic song structures allied to a tasteful sense of frenzy, with this one RAVAGER look towards DIABOLIC (circa the "City Of The Dead" and "Supreme Evil" period) or their inheritors UNHOLY GHOST to unleash a brand of insane and utterly dark Death Metal made by ugly demons, while keeping the whirlwind effect that is their trademark of sort. RAVAGER raise here a disturbing and menacing atmosphere which a lot of bands only try to obtain without getting it. The intensity levelled by the band reaches the border of the unbelievable sometimes, and the ten cuts on offer here are all of the same excellent punishing quality. The production shows some muddy aspects that add a lot to the efficiency of the whole, even if the drums stay mercifully clear-sounding. Think of "Formulas Fatal To The Flesh" with a real inspiration behind and minus the fill-in instrumentals and you will get a fine picture of what RAVAGER have to offer here. I can't tell more really trying to convince you to buy this gem. I am sure that ten years ahead from now, some people will say "Well man, this band from Mexico, RAVAGER I think, you know, they were unbelievable, now their albums are total collectors, I heard they are sold 100 $ each on the market" and yes it will be too late. So, don't make fools of yourselves and buy "Naxzgul Rising" (and "Storm Of Sin" too!) right now. It is not everyday that a record of this magnitude rises out of the deep of the underground. Essential and authentic Death Metal for the true connoisseurs.

Edouard Vergriete

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