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Only Hate Left
(Great Dane Records)

RECUEIL MORBIDE (meaning 'Morbid Collection' in English) was formed in 2000, and since then these Frenchmen have managed to get 4 full-length studio albums released, off which their latest 10-track outing is called "Only Hate Left". For those of you who didn't know, RECUEIL MORBIDE's playground has always been a brutal, technical and modern sounding Death Metal ; consisting of fast, intense and blitzkrieg-ish riffing and drumming fests,  all-mangling - crushing heaviness,  spiced with guttural, occasional 'pig-slaughtering' type of death growls that in fact, have been used by many bands of similar ink for several years already. In other words, there's unfortunately nothing new, or groundbreaking in them that would set them apart from the masses of similar sounding artists for their own good, which is of course a pity. However, it must be admitted that this French 5-piece act is still able to deliver their goods the way that at least the fans of über-brutal and fast Death Metal may get their kicks out of this. In fact, even I found some of their stuff kind of appealing for myself, but in the end it also needs be confessed that I got pretty exhausted as well by their all over furiously blasting Death Metal, and way too soon. Yes, I am a somewhat picky asshole when it comes to a modern sounding Death Metal - and in all honesty's name I have never got used to those 'pig-takes-its-last-death-growl' type of shrieks vocal-wise. They have always worked out a real turn-off for me, more or less. But as said earlier, I bet many fans of brutal and modern Death Metal will welcome RECUEIL MORBIDE with open arms. This stuff just wasn't meant for me. Sorry.,

Luxi Lahtinen

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