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Veneración Del Fuego
(I Hate Records)

REINO ERMITANO is for sure a pretty unique band. Sure they don't reinvent the wheel, but there's that little spark of magic surrounding their pretty organic music. The sublime paintings that go hand in hand with their quite introspective groove reflect very well all the living passion that dwells at the heart of REINO ERMITANO's Doom. Sure, these Peruvian chamans summon the fuzzy spirit of the 70s heaviest stuff, and they know how to make darkness infiltrate you with stupor. But really, this band has something many bands lack... It's called a personality! Between "Veneración Del Fuego" and the band's previous album "Rituales Interiores", there's not a huge different. Maybe that last offer is a bit more straight in your doomed face, and develops a more rocking edge and attitude. But that's very light. Most of all, what brings a grin of joy on my face is the pretty solid song writing on one hand, and then the excellent vocal incantations of the bewitching Tania Duarte on the other hand. The music is the ground made of hot coals on which the ethereal and ghostly whispers of Tania blow some more incandescence. If I had to compare REINO ERMITANO to another pillar of Doom, then I think that SOLITUDE AETURNUS might give you a good idea. Although the overall result differs between both bands, I sense a feeling of serenity that's quite common. Yes, I got grasped by the guts. How could someone remain cold in front of such an impressive deflagration of inner frenzy that never fears to go beyond life and death, beyond Rock or Metal? Just listen to the beauty of tracks like 'Soy El Lobo' or 'El Rito' and you'll understand what I mean. REINO ERMITANO simply plays music that matters. Hence, the use of some acoustic passages or instruments like violins only emphasize better the rich and fertile delivery of the band. Thanks heaps to I Hate Records for releasing unpredictable Doom in this age of second rate Occult Rock and tired Doom. Just like another band on this label called RISE AND SHINE, REINO ERMITANO is the living proof that female vocals and Metal music, when combined in an intelligent way, can create an utmost feeling of power, conviction and genius. More at:,,

Nathaniel Colas

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