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(Relapse Records)

Well, I don't have to tell you how much cult REPULSION are, they are gods, they are forefathers, they are one of the groundbreaking bands in the history of Death Metal and Grindcore. Whether it is NAPALM DEATH, CANNIBAL CORPSE, PENTACLE or CARCASS, everyone loves or better: worships the few offerings REPULSION unleashed upon the Metal scene in the mid 80s until the early 90s. Unfortunately younger people interested in this classic act were forced to search for years to find a copy of the almighty "Horrified" album, pay large amounts of money to get a original copy or the LP re-release I owe, which wasn't cheap too. When I first heard about "Horrified" being reissued on CD with extensive bonus material I almost went crazy in anticipation. Now, thanks to Relapse, the day has dawned, REPULSION's masterpiece is offered to the maniacs once again and damn, it came out simply fantastic. The first CD contains the original album (29:02min) and the second CD is filled with a 1984 rehearsal, the 1985 "Violent Death" demo, the 1986 "WFBE" demo and two live tracks of the pre-REPULSION outfit GENOCIDE. In addition to that you'll get the "Excruciation" demo, which includes two tracks more than the EP and the final demos REPULSION recorded in 1991. In terms of sound only the two live tracks and the three songs of the '84 rehearsal aren't first class, but the other 25 (!!!) songs are excellent, especially the "WFBE" demo is absolutely godlike! All together "Horrified" reissued contains 48 tracks of raw, aggressive Death Metal / Grindcore and shreds anything to fucking pieces!!! The CD booklet includes the lyrics of the "Horrified" album, a band biography written by Laurent Ramadier (great job!), exclusive photos, liner notes by Scott Carlson / vocalist of GENOCIDE and REPULSION and some information about the demos. It does not matter, if you already owe this album, this reissued version of "Horrified" is worth your fucking money and if I would only buy one CD this year, I would buy this!!!

Stefan Franke

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