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In The Rectory Of The Bizarre Reverend
(Sinister Figure Records)

I was first introduced to the REVEREND BIZARRE world around eight months ago, via their homepage. At that time, I understood (without having listened to a single note from this Finish band yet) that I had found something special. The pictures of this three piece in particular were good hints of what REVEREND BIZARRE were all about: pure Doom Metal, the classic way. And today, with the inception of their first full length, this early impression is fortunately confirmed. "In The Rectory Of The Bizarre Reverend" surges as a wonderful slice of fat, thick and slow doomy music, in the vein of what SAINT VITUS and early BLACK SABBATH are known for. Don't look here for trendy Stoner music, because you couldn't be more wrong. This album could be compared to a behemoth majestically emerging from a swamp of boiling mud only to reveal its inescapable power to an awestruck crowd. With only six tracks for a more than 70 minutes running time, I suppose you have already guessed that the overall pacing is on the slow side, with only a few "acceleration" from time to time. Yet, don't get the idea that we are dealing here with a boring record, quite the contrary in fact. And the reason for this is simple: the passion of these Doom maniacs for their music is so palpable throughout this record that this could only trigger the same enthusiasm on the listener's side. Each riff was obviously crafted with love and total dedication and flows like lava in the ears, you can't find any filler here. The production sounds perfect and underlines the fantastic power each of the songs offers aplenty. The vocal performance of bassist Magister Albert must receive a special mention here, he sings with his own style, with lots a variations and modulations, always looking for expressing emotions by hitting the right notes. And the fact his voice remind sometimes Scott Reagers's (of SAINT VITUS fame) should only indicate how much REVEREND BIZARRE are aware of their roots. I can't point a single standout track on this, because all these hymns to sadness and melancholia are equally convincing and should not be severed from the others. But I invite you to take notice of the last song of this CD, an epic of more than 20 minutes length (!!!) inspired by the darker side of the "Lord Of The Rings" saga, or the song 'Sodoma Sunrise' where REVEREND BIZARRE sound a little more accessible at a first hearing. The band recently announced in a French Metal magazine that they plan a more NWOBHM approach for their sophomore release, meanwhile just read the "Deep Bow" section on the booklet of this one and you should realize these three guys are as much Metal fans as (talented) musicians. The question to know if you will buy this album or not is totally irrelevant here, because  if you can allow  yourself to remain estranged from such a splendid release,  you surely should have reached a level of supreme and inhumane indifference for the beauties of this life! I think I can't add anything else myself, let the magic of the  music doing the rest! Contact REVEREND BIZARRE at and see them at

Edouard Vergriete

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