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Corruption Kingdom
(Killer Metal Records)

UK's new Thrash Metal patrol REZINWOLF comes straight through the door, instead of kicking it down gently but smashing it to small toothpick-sized pieces completely. I mean, if I am allowed to use such a metaphor about the band's debut album "Corruption Kingdom", which is surely one hell of a fucker to cause some wildly raging circle pits and a wrecking havoc around, wherever this record hits with its full power. REZINWOLF represents this young generation of modern sounding Thrash Metal bands that are packed with lotsa unrelenting energies and skills for becoming one of the noteworthy new bands of the Thrash Metal genre any day. On "Corruption Kingdom" they do prove that they already have all that potential readiness for achieving something bigger in their career if they are just able to keep the level of their songwriting this high - or even lifting up that songwriting bar a bit higher for themselves in the future. In comparison to some other bands, I believe people might want to compare REZINWOLF to some newer yet already established Thrash Metal names like EVILE or DIAMOND PLATE or WARBRINGER but also some veteran Thrash acts like TESTAMENT or DEATH ANGEL. Some clear similarities to the aforementioned listed acts can undoubtedly be found from REZINWOLF's debut slab, which generates probably even some other names in comparison to them - who knows. And now when DEATH ANGEL's name was mentioned, at times vocalist and guitarist Dan Murphy does indeed remind me of Mark Osequeda of DEATH ANGEL when he decides to sing cleanly on the record. Otherwise I am personally pretty amazed by the fact how well rehearsed and damn tight these Brits do play together indeed, creating such an enjoyable wholeness on "Corruption Kingdom" in the end of the day that it becomes kinda hard to dislike the band's professional performance on it. "Corruption Kingdom" is a pretty top-notch modern sounding Thrash Metal with a very good production, earning to be respected by its all accounts really. REZINWOLF can be found at:,

Luxi Lahtinen

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