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Promo 2007

What a way to end the week and start up a Friday the 13th!! Up from Long Branch, New Jersey appears Metal War Production's Spencer Murphy, and his poltergeist to the past, SACRIFICIAL BLOOD. A serious dose of quality Metal that can only be described as about fucking time! Hell yeah, this is what the underground Thrash Metal scene used to be about when I was a kid... Dedicated, dirty and evil fucking Metal! The heaviest that it gets! So, then too is SACRIFICIAL BLOOD! SACRIFICIAL BLOOD's soul is the band POST MORTEM, from Boston, Mass., partially reincarnated or close enough, minus the head with the clean vocal H/C shout. For those unaware of POST MORTEM and their contributions from New Renaissance Records or for those who might have been possibly unborn in those times to know this great old band. Imagine if you will a more meter diverse HALLOWS EVE, that could easily border POSSESSED, raw as all Hell of course, that at times could also cross into WHIPLASH speed territory and back again, yet all the while with a heavy FROST inspired guitar tone. Sound like a band you could get into? If you need more convincing, SACRIFICIAL BLOOD is as well as close a kinsman that you're ever gonna get with what I'd say in both sound and in the live show, to the early days in Florida with MASSACRE. Back when MASSACRE used to play SLAYER covers in their set. That type of hellish, evil, dirty Metal. Y'know what I mean now? Three original songs are featured on this disc: 'Revenge', 'Tyrant Of Pain' and 'Unholy Wrath' all of whom are as severely addicting as they are truthfully in need of boosting the mic levels for the drummer, Mike Keller, his voice is so ultra low in the mix it's almost dead transparent. A real shame. And my only real complaint throughout this entire promo CD disc. Featured also on here, are four cover songs, all of whom those of you will have to hear on your own to appreciate. I don't want to spoil it for you if you've read this review thus far and are now all into hearing more of this band. Sick fucking promo really did enjoy it. Let the blood flow... Contact: or or

Wes Rhodes

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