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Fukk II
(Osmose Productions)

The sickos from Down Under are back with their insane brand of deathnoise. Until this one I had only the "K.A.O.S" album in my collection, and I can say nothing has really changed in the SAD-X camp since then. These guys are surely better musicians than they would like us to actually believe (their old "we are shit, our music is shit anyway" joke might be entertaining only for their good friend Metalion these days). All the tracks on display here could be equalled to a mini sonic storm because of their spiralling structure (if you see what I mean) and the result comes out extremely original as usual, making SAD-X a band absolutely impossible to compare with another one on this planet. The 'Inner Spiritual' intro shows the musical abilities of these guys (you can even stamp the term "beautiful" on it, a paradox isn't it?), while the 'Outer Spiritual' outro is nothing else than a waste of time, like the 'Electrik Chair' track in that regard, these two being ugly and way too long collages of various noises and vocal effects. That leaves us with seven real tracks in the typical SAD-X format. The production is phenomenal and helps a great deal to understand what is going on here, all the instruments are clearly audible so fortunately at no time the listener gets lost despite the chaotic aural assault SAD-X unleash on us. A memorable moment is the superb and sick guitar solo (courtesy of the mighty Kriss Hades whom the performance throughout this album could be labelled as nothing less than remarkable) on 'Arkhon The Grave Robber' (this title is a deep nod to their label mates and friends ARKHON INFAUSTUS I am sure, as I am sure also there is an (un)conscious reminiscence of both VOIVOD's 'Korgull The Exterminator' and 'Slaughter In A Grave' tracks here). As usual, singer Rok took hold of the cover artwork duties in a raw fashion similar to his vocal delivery (where the "shit" and "fuck" words play a key role of course). Well, I feel it is useless to write on this any further, if you are a SAD-X fan you don't need to read my words, and if you are not one yet, try "Fukk II" without delay. Insanity is the only way to answer to the mediocrity of this world and becomes the only real sanity after a while. SAD-X is the cure to the mental cancer this world has become. Essential and beautiful like some devastated industrial landscapes could be.

Edouard Vergriete

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