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Die... Hard!
(Greyhaze Records)

Back in 1985 the kids in Brazil were taking Heavy Metal as something serious. In such country, with probably some of the biggest catholic worshippers in the world, and since then up to this day, many economic problems, it was a matter of time for bands to come out and channel those negative energies into extreme music. And in that wave of youth and rebellion, SARCÓFAGO was born. In a time where Metal, Punk and Hardcore were almost existing one with another. They took extremity in life to the maximum point. Hatred towards religion was their main target. And coming from a country like Brazil, it was no surprise that sex was also mixed into the blasphemy. Alongside SEPULTURA, these two bands come out churning some of the most extreme, noisy and chaotic Metal ever heard by the human race. Totally brutal, occult and diabolic. Something that back in those days, sends shivers to the spine. To think of it, most of that evil sound was because they were really bad performing and tuning their instruments, and because of poor recording techniques, and of course low quality instruments. But they had the guts, they had the spirit and most than anything, the image. Obviously that their amateur status was soon to be changed, and even some of these extremists of noise went up to super stardom some time later, although with a drastic sound change. Well, not so much for SARCÓFAGO, but over the years they have obtained a cult status and revered around the globe. This is a collection of their early demos and some of the rawest recordings ever done, in one nice package. Of course it is more than anything a collector's item, as you get their very first demo in 3 different versions. I for once prefer ther very first version of it, as it has that “aura” that is hard to obtain in a proper studio recording. Yet, as I said before, only collectors will go with some other recordings that have no production values as they are bad recorded rehearsals, adding to that some barely competent musicianship and performance. But then, some might find magick in here. After all the band created in 1987 their debut and for many best work “I.N.R.I.” that many consider some of the first War / Bestial Death / Black Metal recordings ever (even with the weird electronic drum kit sound!). Still, even if I think that SARCÓFAGO never did any bad album, listening 3 times to 'Nightmare' in crap sounding sessions, kind of loses some magick. But, for those completists, this is undoubtely an historical archive, that for some reason would be more appropriate in tape version rather than CD or even vinyl.,

Julián “Alcoholic Coma” Núñez

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