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Death - Pierce Me
(Prophecy Productions)

When I first had read that Prophecy released the album of a Swedish Black Metal-band, I was astonished, as, although the label is known for very great artists and releases, this somehow wouldn't fit into the concept in my opinion. When I heard what some people told me about this album, I knew I should try to get my ears on it. And when I finally read their interview in Legacy Magazine, I knew I had to get the album. I have stopped to buy CD's blindly years ago, but this time, I simply risked it: and I won. This is a total fucking killer release!!!!! These two Swedes (with the assistance of the drummer of BETHLEHEM) have recorded a real masterpiece. Imagine a vocalist somewhere between the HELHEIM-vocalist on "Nidr Ok Nordr..." and "Jormundgand" and the vocalist of Polish Black Metal-legend LEGION on their split with PERUNWIT and expect it a bit more extreme. Mix that up with typical old-school Norwegian Black Metal and BURZUM-like monotony and melancholy and finally add some musical independence and a clear but fitting production (done by Markus Stock) and you will be able to get a vague picture of that album. It is sad to see that the main character behind SILENCER, a guy called Nattramn, is psychially that ill that he is only able to live in a psychiatry and that SILENCER therefore have split up. The lyrics are all rather suicidal and misanthropic (the band states on the first page of the booklet: "We are ready to leave this place." ), the pictures are sick to the core - I mean I can't remember to have seen such bandpictures anywhere before - and the thankslist speaks for itself: all that is mentioned are two clincis where Mr. Nattramn may have spent most of his time and the pharmacy companies for having produced several antidepressants. Nevertheless I really would like to say again that this album is already blowing away most of today's Black Metal-releases by music only and not only by image. Unfortunately there won't be a second album or the possibilliy to do an interview. Written enough: Simply a MUST-HAVE!!! Drei Blinzeln Kapitän! (Nein, Nicht, Noch Einmal!).


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