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The Return To Godless Times
(Barbarian Wrath Records)

Since the issuing of their first MCD ("Labyrinth To The Gods ", reviewed elsewhere on this site), Australian Thrashers SITHLORD have refined their recipe for power to the point of perfection. One year ago, I already strongly advised you to keep an eye on this promising band, and I am happy to report that my first enthusiasm is still totally relevant. The main exploit SITHLORD achieve is to offer us a synthesis of the style of the groundbreaking Thrash bands of the 80s (KREATOR, SODOM, DESTRUCTION, SEPULTURA and even primitive DARK ANGEL) without sounding derivative or unoriginal. In fact, if you can single out familiar elements here and there the whole result comes out fresh and captivating. The vocals of guitarist "Darth" Saundies still remind me of those of Mille Petrozza and Tom Angelripper and contribute to settle down an atmosphere rooted in the past. SITHLORD are expert on assembling very simple riffs together to create complex songs with lots of different parts and very cool breaks, hence the running time length I could refer to as great value for money (please note I am discussing here about a limited special edition including the first SITHLORD MCD as bonus; but even without it, the album remain comfortably long). I would not like to give you the false impression SITHLORD rely only on nostalgia to gain some attention from some old horses like me, because "The Return To Godless Times" proves that a particular music style is in fact timeless if played with passion and conviction. And far from being followers of some "retro" trend, the SITHLORD maniacs deliver their music with their heart, without giving a damn about knowing if they fit or not into a particular scene, and I can say this fact is sensible only by hearing the album. So don't expect fossilized attitude and fake poses, but instead sincerity and love for music. Add to this a very dynamic production emphasizing the buzzing guitar sound and a very cool Boris Vallejo's cover art, and I guess you can get this one without too much questioning. Believe me: SITHLORD deserve your attention because they will give you a rare and pleasurable listening experience. As long as such bands exist, I will keep faith in the future of our beloved Metal music. Stay faithful to your roots and worship SITHLORD! More info at

Edouard Vergriete

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