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(F.D.A. Records)

There are a bunch of bands where you simply know, that they will gonna deliver. And Eastfrisian horde SLAUGHTERDAY is one of them. Their new EP starts with the opener 'Abattoir' which delivers all we hunger for at VFTD. Good riffing and a simple kept old school Death Metal monster. I love the way, the guys change the speed between fast and midtempo. The deep guttural grunts combined with the groovy rhythm guitars, somewhere between AUTOPSY and DISMEMBER, really show where the frog has his curls as we Germans say. 'Wasteland Of Demise' is a slower song, nearly going into a doomy direction spreading the stench of putrefaction. Again the deep grunts enriched by groovy rhythm guitars and slow drumming really crawl out of the speakers before increasing the speed to midtempo and bringing some excellent lead melodies.Especially the drumming is damn good again and shows the huge skills of the involved musicians. 'Victim Of The Insane' is a cover of TROUBLE, painted Death Metal and really sounds like an own Doom / Death composition of the band. 'Phantasmal Death' moves somewhere between old DEATH and AUTOPSY and changes tempo from fast to slow and the doomed riffing shows their geographical nearness to Holland before the brilliant guitar solo enriches the song. 'Cursed By The Dead' is their last own composition which again lives from their heavy groove and the deadly lead guitars combined with some brilliant grunts and a good pounding double-bass. Also the guitar leads the way pretty well into the last song 'Grails Mysteries', a cover tune from mighty AMORPHIS from their classic album “The Karelian Isthmus”. I guess this song brings back good memories in everybody of us. A simple classic nowadays and this cover is paying homage to a great band and their even greater debut. Overall, "Abattoir" is a really great release from one of the best Death Metal bands in Germany. No need to say more, just go and buy this s**t via one of the following sources:,

Michael Kujawska

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