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Horrors From Beyond
(Unholy Prophecies)

The Chilean Death Metal scene is full ablaze, and yet a new band has landed on my desk. SOULROT was formed in 2013, even though the initial inception of what became SOULROT, already started in the mind of guitarist J.L. Olmos' mind back in 1993, and released their first demo "Horrors From Beyond" earlier this year. Which now has been re-released by the German label Unholy Prophecies in 200 copies, so the madness can be spread a tad easier here in Europe. Dark and atmospheric Death Metal with a lyrical and musical inspirational base in the Lovecraftian myth and horrors from beyond what we as sane humans can perceive. That is channeled through old styled mid-paced Death Metal with an quite European touch to it, a nice deep guitar tone, that together with the catchy and crunchy riffing and wellmade rhythm patterns drives the music ahead. It is not the most original kind of Death Metal, though what is these days? Haven't we more or less heard it all, and isn't it in the end about well made music that graps the listener? I think it is, and that is where these 3 guys do really good, the music graps you from the start and keeps you in a tight grip. Until the outro 'Awakening The Colossus' that ticks in at 8:20 minutes, quite a long outro compiled of synth and effects, I would rather had a track or two more to be honest, as the Death Metal part of the band is quite more interesting, than what the outro offers. If this tape only is an appetizer of what we can expect of SOULROT, I am looking very much forward to the next chapters from these guys, as much of the music on the demo, is what I appreciate in Death Metal, well played, dark, intense, with soul and atmosphere. Enter the triumphal domain:,

Anders Peter Jřrgensen

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