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No Longer Human Senses
(Appease Me Records)

I don't want to give wrong impressions here, because this album demands all your attention and I can't spoil this review because of a bad choice of words. For example, if I tell you that this French two-piece offers experimental music, I am sure a lot of you will flee away from this album thinking it is pretentious and boring. So for the moment, let's simply say that SPEKTR play Black Metal with a great concern for rich and textured morbid atmospheres, a little in the way LEVIATHAN (US) have accustomed us to. Do you feel more at ease then? Well, now it is time to tell you that SPEKTR crush all the boundaries of the Black Metal genre to reach never heard before sonic kingdoms. They subvert the Black Metal frame and distort it in order to come up with one the most original albums I listened to for the last five years. You will find here a true symphony of bizarre effects and samples, cleverly intertwined together to produce pure music. I could be difficult to believe at first, but this very abstract music is absolutely captivating, especially because SPEKTR inject to their sick aural universe familiar traditional Black Metal sounds (harsh vocals, acidic guitars and thundering drums) to tie together disparate elements. What you get then is a very intense (and tense) record, you could feel the process of creation streaming while the music flows. I read somewhere comparisons with abstract contemporaneous music of the 20th century, and it is very relevant I think. Be warned that "No Longer Human Senses" is a bleak album, but here the bleakness becomes beauty. It is obvious this album is a work of love and passion for the artistic creation, but at no moment the listener is left behind like a dumbfuck. SPEKTR invite us to discover their music, and not to contemplate their superior intelligence in awe (even if intelligence is a key word to tag this record). Twenty years ago, CELTIC FROST paved the way when they recorded their famous experimental pieces ('Dance Macabre' and 'Tears In A Prophet's Dream'), so mix that with the aforementioned LEVIATHAN and some Industrial music and you will begin to get a faint idea of what you could find into this album. I think I made myself perfectly clear about the greatness of "No Longer Human Senses". It is a stellar record composed by great artists. And believe me: I reviewed enough average albums recently to say that! Absolutely essential, unique and memorable!

Edouard Vergriete

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