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Focus Of Disease

When you talk about technical Death Metal nowadays it is not difficult to find some people who think acts like NILE or NECROPHAGIST are a good example of this kind of music. Well, maybe… if you’ve never listened to DEATH, ATHEIST, SUFFOCATION, CYNIC, OBLIVEON, etc. To be honest, I’ve never heard about this german technical Death Metal act called SUDDEN DEATH before and it’s a shame because I really enjoyed "Focus Of Disease", their first EP, released independently 21 years ago. It opens with a really good track called ‘Favorite God’, a song that sounds surprisingly similar to MONSTROSITY on their "Millennium" album, a record that was released coincidentally 21 years ago too! My favorite one is maybe ‘BSE’, the second and longest track (almost 8 minutes). It’s like an overdose of excellent riffs, twisted solos on guitar, time changes and some short blast beat on drums. After you listened to this song you know this is not your average Death Metal EP for sure. The rest of the record continues in the same way with ‘Mind Control’ - with some really fast parts, ‘Enslavement’ - fast parts again and nice double kicks, and ends with ‘Rivers Of Red’, a solid dose of Death Metal with atmospheric overtones and outstanding work on guitars. But hey, don’t get me wrong, this is not a jazzy / progressive / avantgarde / atmospheric Death Metal EP, it's just a sweet lost gem of technical Death Metal with no big pretensions. I’m still asking myself why this band didn’t get more attention in the past. Who knows. If you like ATROCITY’s first album, TIMEGHOUL, REVENANT, SINDROME or early GORGUTS, this is for you. Get it (if you can find a copy!). More info here:,

Miguel Negrón

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