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Omens Of Doom
(Dark Essence Records)

Although Norway set itself as the birth land of the second wave of Black Metal in the early 90s, various bands have been successful at creating a unique take on this style of music. SULPHUR's blend of Black and Death Metal is a great example of said situation. Featuring members and ex - members of bands such as VULTURE INDUSTRIES, GORGOROTH and AETERNUS among others, one would expect a more Avant-Garde album, so to speak. But "Omens Of Doom", their third full-length, offers a solid Black Metal base with high pitched and growling vocals, intricate drum work aided by heavy and melodic Black / Death Metal riffing. Slow and mid paced parts with atmospheric passages and clean vocals work really good when present. At first, the mix of influences may look as threatening to the regular listener, since there is a lot going on in each song. But as the album plays, it develops into a great experience, full of dynamics and nuances. "Omens Of Doom" proves to be a mature release, crafted by excellent musicians; one that covers a lot of styles into a single extreme collection of songs. Just listen to 'The Devils Pyre' or 'Alt Svartner'. Those songs have it all: attitude, great riffing, stellar performance and awesome vocals. The production highlights the raw and powerful guitar tone, pounding bass and a clear but punchy drum sound; all perfectly executed. The excellent vocal performance is well handled, since it tends to vary a lot in each song. And a well done mix that rounds up one hell of an album. Contact the band via their official Facebook page here: And get this album from their label here:

Alfonso Perez

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