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Deep, Deep Down They Sleep
(Imperium Productions)

Since their first demo tape “Sulphur Psalms”, which was limited to only 100 copies, and already distributed by Imperium Productions, one can say that SULPHUR AEON has developed into a massive sounding Death Metal carnage. Not that the first demo is bad. Don’t misunderstand me. In 2011, SULPHUR AEON sounded already very serious and mixed some pretty heavy and deep riffs with a good dose of morbid melodies that would every now and then remind of old DISSECTION or THE CHASM. It was a recording I still appreciate very much. On this new EP, containing 2 tracks ('... Deep Deep Down They Sleep' and 'Ruins Underneath The Waves...'), the band simply shows a decisive step forward. The production is totally strong and professional, yet leaves enough space and breath to every instrument. The guitars sound massive, without being linear. The voice is deep, but spews pretty understandable lines, which perfectly summons the darkness we all crave for. And most of all, the drums are sounding pretty natural and deep. This time, SULPHUR AEON went past the bands that inspired its music, and delivers a pretty personnal recipe that might remind of the sheer heaviness of the Swedish Death Metal of old. Still, this band is by no mean your thousand's copycat of DISMEMBER / ENTOMBED / Sunlight of the third generation. I feel more of a slight hint of Swedeath mixed with the depth of Finnish darkness here. The morbid melodies have also progressed and reinforce the feeling of sheer heaviness and power that these 2 songs deliver. Add to that a pretty killer cover art that perfectly fits the vibe of the song, with its landscapes of gothic architecture, and cold palette of blue and grey, and there you go. This EP definitely matches the high quality standard that Imperium Productions uses to purvey with each record that belongs to their roster. Death metal lunatics, you know your wallet still has to suffer your ever flowing stream of passion for this music!,

Nathaniel Colas

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