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II - The Twilight Void
(Perish In Light)

This "black force" hailing from Finland is a project of Mr. Godslayer Vassago (Tomi Kalliola), known from bands such as AZAGHAL, WYRD, FINNUGOR or HIN ONDE (among others) - so, it's definitely not a newcomer here. What does this guy play with this project? Can you imagine it? Yes, raw Black Metal in the Finnish style, kinda like taking the old DARKTHRONE stuff and mixing it with some great melodies. Just like other Finnish bands like SATANIC WARMASTER (the best one), HORNA (although not so raw) or even AZAGHAL do so well. So, the question is, will you find something new here? No, for sure not. But, is it good? Yes, I can't say it isn't. This stuff has quite some feeling to it, a big depressive feeling, although not in the Swedish style, which is the most important point with this kind of music. And I can still find some interesting details here and there, like the simply impressive melodies (how do these damn' Finnish guys do this all the time?) mixed with catchiness that again reminds me on AZAGHAL or sometimes even on BARATHRUM, if you know what I mean. Some of the vocals in the third track sound a lot like Taneli Jarva's on SENTENCED's "Amok". Apart from that, the production is quite listenable, no excessive rawness here, nor too polished but with a powerful sound. All can easily be heard without putting your ear next to the speaker. Well, I think you got an idea of what this is all about, so no need to go any further. Not a surprising album, but something worth to listen to if you're into Finnish Black Metal.

Jeroni Sancho

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