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Retaliation Of Discomfort Organisms
(Bloodbath Records)

Japan isn't well known for having a huge Death Metal scene and most of its bands dwell more or less in obscurity. I guess the ordinary Metalhead overhere would have a hard time to list more than ten outfits from there. Despite the small scene (compared to the leading forces in that sector like Sweden, United States or even Germany) the land of the mighty Samurais has always provided excellent squads which were sent into the global battle of Metal of Death like the underrated INTESTINE BAALISM, TRANSGRESSOR, ANATOMIA, COFFINS, VOMIT REMNANTS or DEFILED (just to name some of the more well known acts here) impressively proved. Sendai based TASTE has already been active since 1997 and can be easily added to the list of great bands above. "Retaliation Of Discomfort Organisms" is the horde's 5th album (incl. the two tape only albums from 1997 and 1999) and was unleashed upon this rotten world last year by Bloodbath Records. Within roughly more than 22 minutes you will get eight lethal slaps of utter brutal heaviness spiced with a slight complex edge in the guitar department. The trio is very present right from the start and attacks with full force. Pummeling drums, tight rhythms & twists plus some well executed break downs and tempo changes provide enough variety throughout the entire (unfortunately quite short) album. Although the guitar work comes up quite technical it is still pleasant to listen to all featured tunes as the three piece doesn't completely exaggerate it. The production of this eight tracker is decent. There is still some space for improvement and the stuff would sound even more intense if the songs would blast out of the boxes with a little bit more crisp and punch. Nevertheless it's a solid underground release combining both new and old school elements to an aggressive alloy of relentless steel. For more infos check out the band's website at

Michael Oelschlegel

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