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(Nuclear Winter Records)

Although I like almost all kinds of Grindcore, Death and Thrash Metal, when it comes to Black Metal, I got stuck in first and (some) second generation bands. Some of these bands have that chaotic and overall raw sound. But it is also a fact that, given the time and space when their material was released, the production wasn't the best. Alas, it was not intended to be so. And even then, the music was honest and came through full force, no matter what. It also added that creepy factor that used to get my attention instantly. So, after all these years, when I listen to bands that try to sound a certain way (even to sound like a certain era), I tend to be a little skeptic. Australia's TEMPLE NIGHTSIDE come in as one of those bands. Chaotic, cavernous, raw and in your face Death Metal infused with a great dose of Black Metal. Actually, you can take my comment and put it backwards and it should fit fine. Production wise, as stated above, this sounds like a mix between BATHORY and old PROFANATICA. Digging in deeper, I could also find riffs similar, in concept, to fellow country mates CORPSE MOLESTATION and BESTIAL WARLUST thrown in there. It's raw and I meant it, really raw. Some things get lost in the mix from time to time, given the damp and the foggy atmosphere that TEMPLE NIGHTSIDE like to create around their musical output. Their songs never get blast beat fast and the mid-tempo attack is spread evenly throughout "Condemnation". I do think some of the best and most memorable riffs shine when they slow down, getting into Doom Metal territory. The guitar and bass tone is huge and dominates the mix. The drums are way back, but pummeling their way through. I can't deny that the album is well crafted. But it took me at least 4 spins to actually understand some of the music. Personally, I just think this is too chaotic for me. But if you are a fan of any of the aforementioned bands and you are looking for a fresh new approach to that style, go buy this album NOW! Contact the band here: Their label can be contacted here:

Alfonso Perez

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