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Tenebrum Infectus
(Adipocere Records)

The overall layout of this album could lead you to believe that TENEBRUM INFECTUS (a French quartet) is a Grind band stricto sensu. The reality is a little more complex than that. In fact, the band rather plays brutal Death Metal the American way, with only the song format (very short, you got 16 tracks - 4 of them recorded live -- for a rather limited playing time) reminding the Grind influences. The shared vocals between porcine growls and duck-like shrieks are another element tying TENEBRUM INFECTUS with the Grind scene. I guess that at the beginning, the band was a pure Death Metal outfit, only to evolve towards Grindcore like in an afterthought. The TENEBRUM INFECTUS dudes have adopted the lyrical universe typical of the Grind bands (centred on the infamous trilogy sex-piss-shit) but music wise they are not afraid to explore the slow motion riffing on numerous occasions ('My Eternal Last Anguish' being almost a Doom track in that regard). The extremely and dynamic production does justice to the power levelled by the playing itself, expect a brutal slab of Death Metal ā la CANNIBAL CORPSE, nothing more, nothing less. I am afraid our non-French speaking readers will miss some "subtleties" of the cover art (conceived by ex-NO RETURN vocalist Steeve Petit) but I believe the pictures say it all. Also, among the sick amusements provided by this album, you will find two video clips, one being "censored" (if I said it involves two women and a pig, you will easily understand why!). But it would be inappropriate to be distracted by the visual aspects of this album, because musically speaking TENEBRUM INFECTUS have a lot to offer. Not essential, but promising.

Edouard Vergriete

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