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Ascending To Red Heavens
(Selfmadegod Records)

While all the sub-genres of Metal mainly serve for jackoffs like myself writing reviews, I must say that the taxonomy tends to come in handy when I'm planning on going to a show. Death Metal will only get you so far; is it the angry youngsters that I need to watch out for? The aging alpha types with something to prove? Drunk chicks? I'm working with too big of a scope if I want to get my lazy ass away from the leaning wall and remain relatively unscathed. TERMINATE has a bit more going on in this respect. Their bio notes influences from BOLT THROWER, AUTOPSY and ENTOMBED; I would agree with all of the above, yet something tells me I should prepare for spikes... which leads me to some more genre-dropping: Crust! I don't want to get super technical about it (heh, technical) - so I'll say there's just that edge of distortion, the bass is clunkier and the vocals have that added depth and slur to them; analogous to the groan when you get hit in the stomach, it comes from a deep and more pissed off place. It's tough, angry and sure to generate a lot of speed at the periphery of that pit. It is safe to say this album rips, it's everything you need and nothing you don't unless you're too hungover in which case I would say still listen to this but find yourself a good wall to lean on, you're going to get hurt in there.,

Angelica Jannone

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