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Unleashing A Cacophony Of Destruction
(Orchestrated Misery Recordings)

We all knew this day would come eventually. But it caught me off guard. A band with no entry on Metal Archives! THRONE OF SACRILEGE is hailing from the United States Of America and this split release is the first release by the three-piece consisting of Grimnyr (guitar / bass), Throgrym (vocals) and DK (drums). As far as I know they have been active in bands like - take a deep breath - EZURATE, PSYCHOMANCER, EBONMORTIS, FIN, RELENTLESS, DISFIGUREMENT, AGAINST THE PLAGUES, CRYPTIC FROST, NOCTURNE and APOTHECARRION. You never ever heard any of these names before? So do I. But the Black Metal scene in the USA has always been vivid and I guess there are dozens of bands that, despite the world wide web, never aroused any attention in Europe. So THRONE OF SACRILEGE may be a new band, but the musicians are well trained and experienced when it comes to playing Black Metal. And that is definitely an advantage for the three songs. Strongly influenced by MARDUK during the early noughties (= the first decade of a century), namely "World Funeral", not the mediocre "La Grande Danse Macabre". Well produced, fast played Black Metal with those typical Swedish lead guitars and fericous vocals. Really adorable, especially the song 'Upon Cloven Hoves' is a masterpiece. IMPURIUM are a little bit older, founded back in 2008. It took them four years to release a demo and now they take on the second part of "Unleashing A Cacophony Of Destruction". IMPURIUM are a trio, the brothers Andrew and Aaron Mote plus Dave Ross, who has been or still is active in INVASION, NOCTURNAL TORMENT, SUMMON THE VEGEANCE, THANATOPSIS, TERMINATION, AFTERLIFE. Once again a bunch of bands from which I never heard anything. Like their partners on this output, MARDUK seems to be the main influence, but this time more the "Panzerdivision Marduk" album. Fast played Black Metal combined with pitiless Death Metal. Especially those Death Metal parts are really outstanding. Heavy and brutal as brutal can be. Really fascinating. Since IMPURIUM are a rather new band it is difficult to foresee, but if they manage to record a full-length on that level, then they do not need to hide behind names like MARDUK, SETHERIAL or BELPHEGOR. "Unleashing A Cacophony Of Destruction" is released on CD and limited to (of course) 666 copies, but both bands are streaming their songs (linked on their facebook pages). I amost forgot the following info: each band is featured with three songs and while writing this review someone added a profile for THRONE OF SACRILEGE on Metal Archives. All further info at:,,

Mirco Szymyslik

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