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Promo MCD

WITHOUT END is the new home of the two former HEADLOCK members Adam Tranquilli (guitar & vocals) and Adam Kiefer (drums & backing vocals) who hooked up with Tom Lorenzo (on bass & backing vocals) for this project here in 2001. Considering the long musical experiences of both, Tranquilli and Kiefer (who already had payed their dues in BLOOD FEAST and M.O.D. respectively) it shouldn't be a big surprise that this three tracker already sounds really matured in terms of the songwriting and production. Just like their former bands WITHOUT END also emerged from a very Thrash influenced background, with the main difference probably being the more downtuned and modern guitar sound, which not only results in a heavier, partly kinda Death Metal type direction, but here and there unfortunately also includes this annoying groove that all the current Nu Metal acts are worshipping so much. Luckily Adam's BLOOD FEAST past still shines through most of the time though, which from time to time even results in some really cool SLAYER-esque guitar work. The most difficult thing for me to get into is his vocal delivery though, which is neither of the highly aggressive Thrash or Black Metal style nor of the deep Death Metal grunting (even though there's some backing growls to be discovered as well). His way of singing is alot closer to what some of the Hardcore influenced Thrash bands of the 80s often sounded like (for instence VIO-LENCE and the likes). Unique, especially in current times, but definitely not everyone's cup of tea for sure. I personally would have prefered to hear this material with an insane voice like the one of his old BLOOD FEAST mate Gary Markovitch, but you can't please everyone of course. The band itself sums it up like this: "WITHOUT END's approach to their music is a raw bottom driven pounding force with self-righteous and empowering lyrical content and raw vocals to top it off. A 3-piece bulldozer!" I doubt that this release is officially on sale, but never mind, cause all of the three songs will appear on WITHOUT END's upcoming, self-titled debut album anyway. Contact:

Frank Stöver

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