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(Fekete Terror Productions)

Post Black Metal is what this Hungarian band is describing themselves as, though what it Post Black Metal? I don't really know, I think one of the first times I encountered the expression, was in the press-sheet for DØDHEIMSGARD's "666 International" around '99 I think, and that release didn't sound like ÝGFAN at all. I think all these Black Metal genres that has started to flow around, doesn't do much good and don't describe much, as the variation from band to band differs quite a lot. Let's go back to the good old days, when Black Metal was Black Metal, and music as this, was a mixture of genres, for the good or the bad. There are some Black Metal inspirations on this release, some great raw guitar pieces, ravishing rhythm structures and a harsh and soulful vocal. Though there are also folky elements, progressive pieces and atmospheric moments, doomier moments and clean vocals, all intertwined into a quite good wholesome. There is some good songwriting behind the four tracks on this release, as the band never looses control or momentum. Quite impressive, as there are some shifts, progressions and turn arounds during the 30 minutes "Köd" lasts. ÝGFAN has surprised me positively with their progressive and atmospheric take on darker Metal genres. There are some hints to OPETH and KATATONIA, in the way they are building up atmospheres and the progression of songs, and the whole tape, yes this is a tape release of "Köd", which first was released digitally. Those elements twisted into a darker doomier and bleak soundscape of raw distorted guitars and wicked screams from the netherworld, works quite well. It will be quite interesting to follow this band into the future. More information at:,,

Anders Peter Jørgensen

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