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Relapse Singles Series Vol.4
(Relapse Records)

There's not that many compilations around that I would personally consider as essential from an underground-fan's point of view. Well, "True Kings Of Norway", "Projections Of A Stained Mind" and the (infamous) "Seraphic Decay Compilation" come to my mind right away and then it's getting quite difficult already... But now I can definitely add this new series on Relapse Records to the list as well. The idea in itself may not be very original, but who cares as long as there's so much quality involved?! You may (or may not) remember that Relapse Records released a whole bunch of excellent vinyl 7" EPs in the past and they all get re-issued in chronological order on CD now - four of them on one disc! The already fourth edition features the label's back catalogue numbers RR013 to RR016, which are connected to EXIT 13, PHOBIA, GOREAPHOBIA and AMORPHIS. Listening to the band's material nowadays partly brings back some cool memories (the early AMORPHIS and GOREAPHOBIA songs definitely stood the test of time!), while my opinion on EXIT 13 has changed quite drastically ever since I heard "Spare The Wrench, Surrender The Earth" for the first time. Back then I didn't like these sickos at all... Thirteen years later I really enjoy their crazy mixture of early CARCASS, late AUTOPSY and weird PRIMUS type stuff combined with a couple of freaky ATHEIST elements... and not even that describes them correctly. Totally unique shit (even after so many years!), which obviously got composed after the (ab)use of various "mindblowing substances"! Never heard any stuff by Huntington Beach's PHOBIA in the past, but I really enjoy their four songs on offer here. The band played a very crushing form of straight forward Death Metal, with some references to classic SLAYER in the riff-department (just a lot more brutal). They constantly sound totally intense and the only little letdown here is the vocalist's quite one-dimensional way of deep growling. So, all in all this is a great trip back in time for all Death Metal lunatics who missed out on the original vinyls or for those who played them to death throughout the years. In case you're interested, here's a list of what you're about to find on the other three discs: "Volume 1" features EPs by VELCRO OVERDOSE, FACE OF DECLINE (both of them totally unknown to me), APPARITION's "Eternally Forgotten" (later to become SORROW, one album on Roadrunner Records) and INCANTATION's classic "Entrantment Of Evil" 7". "Volume 2" has DECEASED's "Gut Wrench", GENERAL SURGERY's "Necrology", DESTROY's "Total Fucking Chaos" and DISRUPT's "Refuse Planet", while "Volume 3" (my personal fave, bandwise) offers classic stuff by ROTTREVORE ("Copulation Of The Virtuous And Vicious"), REPULSION ("Excruciation"), MONSTROSITY ("Burden Of Evil") and INCANTATION again ("Deliverance Of Horrific Prophecies"). As far as I know this whole series is limited, so make sure to go for 'em before it's too late! Label contact:

Frank Stöver

A Collection Of Noisymotions - by Edouard Vergriete
Afterparty Massacre - by Mindaugas 'Plix' Lapinskas
Altars Of Mad Death Vol. 1 - by Ramon Claassen
And In The Darkness Bind Them - A Summoning Tribute - by Matthias Auch
Berlin Extreme 2006 - by Tim Klöcker
Berlin Extreme 2007 / Vol. 2 - by Tim Klöcker
Better Undead Than Alive - by Ramon Claassen
Black Lotus Records DVD - Sampler - by Torsten Gründig
Born To Punish The Skies... A Deathmetallic Brotherhood In Darkest Mourning For God
Tribute To HEADHUNTER D.C (Vol. 1)
- by Thomas Meyer
Brazilian Assault - by Frank Stöver
Century Media - Covering 20 Years Of Extremes - by Nathan Shapiro
Conqueror Of The Ibex Moon Vol. 1 - by Stefan Franke
Contaminated 5.0 - by Edouard Vergriete
Death Rules Supreme - A Tribute To Mortem - by Thomas Meyer
Death... Is Just The Beginning Vol. 6 - by Leif Jensen
Deathophobia Vol.VIII - by F.Cthulhu E.
Demonic Plague - Tribute To Death - by Leif Jensen
Don't Burn The Witch - A Heavy Speed Compilation - by Frank Stöver
Face Your Underground Vol.1 - by Frank Stöver
Face Your Underground Vol.2 - by Frank Stöver
Face Your Underground Vol.3 - by Frank Stöver
Face Your Underground Vol.4 - by Frank Stöver
Face Your Underground Vol.5 - by Frank Stöver
Fenriz Presents... The Best Of Old-School Black Metal - by Frank Stöver
From The Underground... For The Underground - A Tribute From The Hordes To Bathory - by Thomas Ehrmann
Fryslân - by Thomas Meyer
Grind Madness At The BBC - The Earache Peel Sessions - by Michael Tak
Hellbangers - Metal Forces - by Manolis A.
In The Eyes Of Death II - by Schenk
Keep It True - The Underground Kodex Compilation Vol. I - by Michael Tak
King Diamond Tribute - by Frank Stöver
Metal Inquisition Compilation - by Julian “Inquisitor of Metal” Nunez
Metal Mania 2008 - by Frank Stöver
Metal Message IV - by Matthias Auch
Metal On Metal - The 4th Crusade - by Luxi Lahtinen
Metal Reigns Supreme - by Stefan Franke
Monsters Of Death - by Frank Stöver
Monsters Of Death Vol.2 - by Frank Stöver
No Colours Records - 15 Years Jubileum Metal Attack Vol.1 - by Julián Núńez
Obscene Extreme 2003 - The DVD - by Michael Oelschlegel
Overload 2 - Tribute To Metallica - by Frank Stöver
Party.San Festival DVD 2006 - by Nhashi
Rage Of Achilles - Conquest For The Empire - by Frank Stöver
Reflections From The Abyss Chapter 1 - by Wes Rhodes
Relapse Singles Series Vol.3 - by Frank Stöver
Relapse Singles Series Vol.5 - by Frank Stöver
Requiems Of Revulsion - A Tribute To Carcass - by Frank Stöver
Resurrected In Festering Slime - by Thomas Ehrmann
Resurrected In Festering Slime - by Anders Peter Jřrgensen
Revolution Calling! (+ DVD) - by Christoph Göbel
Rising Of Yog-Sothoth - Tribute To Thergothon - by Matthias Auch
Scream Forth Blasphemy - A Tribute To Morbid Angel - by Hacker
Seven Gates Of Horror - A Tribute To Possessed - by Frank Stöver
Speed Kills... Again - by Wes Rhodes
Spikefarm Sampler - by Nhashi
Strong As Steel - A Tribute To Anvil - by Angelica Jannone
Svartmetall Compilation 2001 - by Frank Stöver
Swedish Death Metal - by Julián Núńez
The Dead Pit Compilation - by Frank Stöver
The French Underground Series - by Christoph Göbel
The Plague / The First Cuts - by Frank Stöver
The Reaper Comes III - by Christoph Göbel
Thrashing Holocaust - by Frank Stöver
Tribute To RULSION - by Leonard Likas
Unforgotten Past - In Memory Of Chuck Schuldiner - by Ramon Claassen
Vates Noctes Compilation Vol. I - by Nhashi

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