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Issue # 4
(96 pages, A5, printed, in English)

Twice as much pages as # 3, Ricardo already defined the guidelines for issue # 5. Whereas # 1 had 16 pages, # 2 already had 32 pages, # 3 48 pages and this current issue has 96 pages. Can we guess that # 5 is going to have 192 pages? I know I know, the calculation is not really correct, nevertheless I think it's an interesting question. Unfortunately I have to answer with a quote from Ricardo here: "I will let rest the zine for 2 or 3 years, but I already have in mind what will bring the following issue". OK, sad but true, nevertheless it's time to write about the current issue here, which is full of information. Interesting and long interviews with (among others) names as IMPRECATION, DETERIOROT (great interview, very likeable answers from Paul Zavaleta), CRUCIAMENTUM, VASAELETH, ANATOMIA, NECROVOROUS, INFINITUM OBSCURE (great one here as well!), OMINOUS CRUCIFIX, DEMONIC RAGE, DISMA... And on top of that a fantastic, ultra-detailed and long interview (9 pages!!!) with Mexican gods SHUB NIGGURATH. Damn, how jealous I am, as I'm waiting for my answers from Eduardo since ages. Ricardo, you bastard, haha!! Among all this, there are plenty of vinyl-, demo- and CD-reviews featured helping to fill your mailbox and to empty your wallet. I have to admit, and that's something I recognize since # 3, that I'm not totally in agreement with the message in some of the reviews (e. g. VARIOUS ARTISTS - "Resurrected In Festering Slime", CEREKLOTH - "Pandemonium Prayers" 7" EP or RAPE, PILLAGE AND BURN - "Songs Of Death... Songs Of Hell"), but that's my problem and great on the other way as different opinions are always welcome in an active and alive scene. The fanzine is filled with plenty of information and following CRYPTS OF ETERNITY since issue one I can't praise Ricardo's work and development from issue to issue high enough. This fanzine goes, and I already wrote that in reviews of the former issues, in the tradition of such cult fanzines as Voices From The Darkside or Holocaust when they still were printed on A5. A must have for Death Metal lunatics and a prove that the worldwide Death Metal underground is not only active with great bands, but with outstanding literature, too. No excuses for any Voices reader if you dare to miss this jewel. European maniacs try to get the fanzine from the mailorders of Blood Harvest Records, Detest Records, No Posers Please or Nuclear Winter Records. American ones check out Dark Descent Records, Putrescense Records or Necroharmonic. You can get in touch with Ricardo through the following address: CRYPTS OF ETERNITY ZINE, P.O. Box 25, Lima 41, Peru. Emailaddress:

Thomas Ehrmann

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