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Issue # 19
(56 pages, A4, printed, in English)

Metalion is pissed! Pissed about Black Metal and pissed about the whole Metal scene in general! No wonder that the 19th issue of his legendary publication got entitled "Fukk Metal"! And you know what? He's so goddamn right! "If record labels drop me off their mailing lists, it's more than welcome..." he says in his editorial, "... your releases are shit anyway. Shit bands on shit labels are the worst!" And I totally feel the same... Some of you may have wondered, why there's no contact address on the VOICES website for quite some time anymore... Well, now you know why. "What Metal has become is not worthy and is just disgusting!", Metalion continues and focuses even more detailed on the "evolution" of Black Metal in his writing "Support the war against Black Metal" on page 29. "The early 90s Black Metal was interesting...", "(nowadays) every band is just a stupid clone of a stupid clone!" are statements that really make you wonder what our beloved music has turned into, especially considering the fact that SLAYER MAG was one of the first to dedicate an almost entire issue to Black Metal back in those more glorious days (the classic issue # 10). I reached that point myself already pretty often... For the first time when VOICES # 10 was in the making... And as a result I decided to call the quits because of all the stupidity within the business and the countless of superfluous releases every day. Well, seven long years have come and gone ever since and things even got a lot worse!!! Several days a week I ask myself whether I should also end this website or not and completely leave the scene once and for all... just listening to the bands that I like and not to all the bullshit that gets send in and needs to be reviewed for whatever reason... That's why I appreciate Metalion's attitude so much. He's one of the last remaining old warriors, still fighting for real Metal and he never gave up!! So, my little advice to you Metalion is: stop releasing SLAYER MAG so often and go back to the "schedule" you used to have in your early days. You don't burn out so quickly that way! Regarding this latest issue, I bet there's a whole bunch of people who don't know shit about the bands that are featured in it (FRIGID BICH, KUBLAI KHAN, ABATTOIR, VOLCANO, MUTILATED, WARGOD, BLACK DETHE etc. etc.). But we, who appreciate it, couldn't care less, could we?! According to the latest email I received SLAYER 19 is almost sold out already anyway... Everyone else, who missed out on it, is obviously more concerned to get the latest Metal Hammer or similar stupid magazines. I really wonder how long it will take until people finally wake up... I suppose it will never ever happen... sad but true! Contact: SLAYER MAG, c/o Metalion, P.O. Box 447, 1703 Sarpsborg, Norway,

Frank Stöver

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