August 08, 2001

EQUINOX is currently rehearsing with new drummer Gabriel. The band has been through 5 or 6 drummers since the incarceration of their original drummer Steven nearly 2 years ago. Now with Gabriel in the circle, EQUINOX are preparing to make a vengeful comeback in the very near future. "Journey Into Oblivion", the second album which has been collecting dust on the shelves at Morrisound for the past 2 years, is still unreleased. Still Dead Records (Poland) fell out of the picture long ago, and basically left EQUINOX high and dry. The search for a new record label begins with a ‘sampler’ CD that contains excerpts of a few tracks from the forthcoming album. The ‘sampler’ is available to all record companies interested. The band is also running a contest on their website Each month a winner will be selected at random to receive a copy of the rare "Upon The Throne Of Eternity" 7" EP. The 7" was printed in 1996 on Red Vinyl and is strictly limited to 666 copies! Be sure to visit the web site to find out more information on how you can win your very own copy.

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